Since I started collecting stats and information for Dixie ABATE, I’ve worked with so many abbreviations it’s akin to being served a bowl of alphabet soup.  Some are obvious, others not so much, so the following may prove helpful to others.

AAIS:  American Association of Insurance Services

AAMVA:  American Association of Motor Vehicles Administration

AARP:  American Association of Retired Persons

AASHTO:  American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ACFD:  Assured Clear Following Distance

ADA:  Americans with Disabilities Act

ADAAG:  Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines

AFM:  American Federation of Motorcyclists

AHAS:  Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

AHP:  Associated Health Plan

AIA:  American Insurance Association

AIM:  Aid to Injured Motorcyclists

AIM [attorney]:  Accident Injury Motorcycle Attorney.

AIR:  American Institutes for Research

ALT MOST:  Alternative Motorcycle Operator Skill Test

AMA:  American Motorcycle Association

ARRA:  Americans for Responsible Recreation Access

ATC:  Air Traffic Control

BAC:  Blood alcohol content

BEU:  Biker Enforcement Unit

BRC:  Basic Rider Course

CBA:  Concerned Bikers Association

CDC:  Centers for Disease Control

CFR:  Code of Federal Regulations

COIR:  Coalition of Independent Riders

COC:  Confederation of Clubs

CRS:  Coalition for Roadway Safety

DEC:  Drug Evaluation and Classification

DMV:  Department of Motor Vehicles

DOL:  Department of Licensing

DOT:  Department of Transportation, as in ALDOT or TNDOT (state)

DPS:  Department of Public Safety

DUNS:  Data Universal Numbering System

EMU:  European Motorcycle Union

ERC:  Experienced Rider Course

FARS:  Fatal Analysis Reporting System

FHWA:  Federal Highway Administration

FISS:  Facial Injury Severity Score

FMVSS:  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

FY:  Fiscal Year

GDL:  Graduated Drivers License

GES:  General Estimates System

GHSA:  Governor’s Highway Safety Administration

GWRRA:  Gold Wing Road Riders Association

HB:  House Bill

HOG:  Harley Owners Group

HPRL:  Head Protection Research Laboratory

HSIP:  Highway Safety Improvement Program

HSO:  Highway Safety Office

IACP:  International Association of Chiefs of Police

ICOM:  International Coalition of Motorcyclists

MAC:  Motorcyclist Advisory Council

MADD:  Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MAG:  Motorcycle Action Group

MAIDS:  Motorcycle Accident in Depth Study

MC:  Motorcycle Club

MCA:  Motorcycle Accident

MFA:  Motorcycle Friendly Area

MIC:  Motorcycle Industry Council

MILES:  Motorcyclists Introducing Legislation, Education, and Safety

MNVPP:  Motorcycle National Vehicle Population Profile

MRF:  Motorcycle Riders Foundation

MRO:  Motorcycle Rights Organization

MSE:  Motorcycle Safety Equipment

MSF:  Motorcycle Safety Foundation

MSP:  Motorcycle Safety Program

MUTCD:  Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NAB:  National Association of Bikers

NAGHSR:  National Association of Governors’ Highway Safety Representatives

NAMS:  National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

NAMS:  National Association for Motorcycle Safety

NASMSA:  National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administration

NCHRP:  National Cooperative Highway Research Program

NCOM:  National Coalition of Motorcyclists

NCSA:  National Center for Statistics and Analysis

NDR:  National Driver Register

NGO:  Non-governmental organization.

NHMA:  National Handicapped Motorcycle Association

NHTSA:  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NMDA:  National Motorcycle Dealers Association

NOPUS:  National Occupant Protection Use Survey

NSA:  National Sheriff’s Association

NTSB:  National Transportation Safety Board

OEM:  Original Equipment Manufacturer

OMG:  Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

PAC:  Political Action Committee – as in BikePAC

PDPS:  Problem Driver Pointer System

RADD:  Recording Artists, Actors, and Athletes Against Drunk Driving

REP:  Riders Education Program

SADD:  Students Against Drunk Driving

SAFETEA-LU:   Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act Legacy for Users

SB:  Senate Bill

SFST:  Standard Field Sobriety Test

SHSO:  State Highway Safety Offices

SHSP:  Strategic Highway Safety Plan

SMRO:  State Motorcycle Rights Organization

SMSA:  State Motorcycle Safety Administration

SMSAC:  State Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee [or Council]

STEP:  Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

TE:  Traffic Enhancement

TEA:  Traffic Enhancement Activities

TIP:  Transportation Improvement Program

TIRF:  Traffic Injury Research Foundation

USDOT:  U. S. Department of Transportation

VMT:  Vehicle Miles of Travel

WISQARS:  Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (from the CDC)