From:  Motorcycle Illustrated, Vol. 5. 1911:

Ladies’ Motorcycle.  You cannot expect to obtain a ladies’ motorcycle weighing much less than 160 lbs.  The English Scott is built with a drop frame, but it cannot be regarded as a lightweight.  It is operated by a two-stroke engine, partly watercooled.

The Sport of Kings.  On page 13 of Motorcycle Illustrated (December 15 issue) I noticed an editorial in which you stated that no sport-loving individual was too “high browed” for the motor propelled two-wheeler.  Perhaps it will be of interest to your readers to know that ever since November, 1908, the Austrian Imperial and Royal Altesse, Archduke Francis Joseph, has been riding a motorcycle.  Many other “high-toned” ladies and gentlemen are quietly using the motorcycle with delight and pleasure.  I know that the motorcycle is not only the king of the road machines, but also the mount of kings.

“The Model W 4 H. P. Single Cylinder – see the 1910 models at the shows:  New York, Madison Square Garden; Chicago; Boston Mechanics Fair.  The Flying Merkel, the handsomest, and most comfortable motorcycle in the world.  The only motorcycle with the Spring Frame and Fork.

While the new 1910 models are not radically different from those of last year, we have, however, made some changes in a few details that are of distinct advantage to the rider.  Among these are the following:  The Carburetor is the “New Merkel Improved.”  The “Muffler” is of an entirely new design—very small, compact and noiseless.  Fitted with cut-out operated by the foot.

The adjustable front pulley has been improved.  By a very simple operation, the ratio of gears can be changed from 5 to 1 to 4 to 1 or any intermediate on the Single.  This pulley is in every respect as rigid, firm and accurate in adjustment as one turned from a solid piece. 

One of the most popular of our eight different types is the Model W, a 4 H. P. Single Cylinder supplied either with Battery Ignition or Bosch Magneto.  Ask for circular and demonstration. 

If the “Flying Merkel” looks good to you, maybe an agency proposition would interest you.”

The Model A, 2 ½ x 2 ¾ H. P., single cylinder, battery ignition only cost $150.00  Model W., 4 H. P. (30.43), single cylinder, battery ignition $225.00, Bosch magneto $250.00.  Model V, 6 H. P. (53.92, twin cylinder, Bosch Magneto only, belt drive $300.00, Model V 7 H. P. (60.86), twin cylinder, Bosch Magneto only, belt drive $325.00, Model W. 4 H. P. (30.43) single cylinder, racer, Bosch magneto only $275.00, Model V. 7 H. P. (60.86), twin cylinder racer, Bosch magneto only $350.00, Merkel Light Motor Co., Pottstown, PA

*A Voice From the South.  Some time ago there appeared in this journal an article which stated that ‘nearly every manufacturer believes they have their off season.  It is presumed by Southern readers of this magazine, that the off season referred to is when winter sets in, and the riders put away their machines during the ‘freeze up’.

Wake up, Mr. Manufacturer of the two-wheeler pleasure craft.  Nothing frozen down here, while the ever-sunny Southern States that touch the Gulf of Mexico are ‘coming’ fast.  We are marketing our cotton, rice, sugar products, and we all have some coin, of which no doubt you would like to get a liberal share.  To accomplish this, I would suggest that you stop giving out large sums to speedy artists who will put your product over some Eastern course at a forty-second, more or less, gait, and use some of this money to get records in the South, besides profits and a reputation.

New Orleans, the gateway of the South, with her four hundred thousand people, instead of having barely twenty machines, will soon have over two hundred gliding up and down her palm-shaded avenues.  Memphis and Shrevesport will probably double up.  It might be of interest to the members of the Motorcycle Manufacturers’ Association to know that there are people down here, big and little, old and young, who never saw a motorcycle and do not know what one looks like.  Why not tame these people and get their business?  They have the money.

Classified Ads, Feb. 1910:

*M. M. sidecar, dirt cheap; used very little; good reason for selling…Ohio.      *Indian motorcycle; has been used very little and is in excellent condition…Columbia, S.C..                                                                                                       *For Sale, Indian, ridden less than 300 miles; will sell for $95….NY.                          * Must sell like-new motorcycle, 1909 model brand new engine; well equipped with extras; worth $150.; make offer…Chicago.                                                         *Three h. p. Thor, new this spring; excellent condition; need money.  $125 takes it. *Help Wanted.  Bicycle repair man, one familiar with motorcycle work preferred.  Steady job to experienced, capable man. ..

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, who carry out a policy of constant expansion, have added the names of a number of new agents to their already large list.  The additions are:  Allentown Motorcycle Co., Allentown, Pa.; Thomas Christian, Nashville, Tenn.; Joseph Drouhard, Danville, Kansas; Des Moines Auto Co., Des Moines, Iowa; Appeal Manufacturing and Jobbing Co., Los Angeles, Cal.; E. D. Fitzpatrick, Memphis, Tenn.; J. S. Farlet, Milbank, S.D.; W. P. Glasgow, Tacoma, Wash.; J. B. Glaskin, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Often, during the winter’s overhaul, one finds parts stuck together through dirt or corrosion, and it is quite a job to separate them.  A liberal sousing in kerosene is best for this purpose, preferably leaving the parts to soak for some time.  Light tapping with a hammer will then generally loosen up the pieces, but if this is not successful more kerosene, will be required.  Kerosene penetrates to the finest crevices, and for such jobs as separating bolts and nuts, collars, pins and keys, this method is employed by all skilled mechanics.