You might believe that your state has the worst drivers in the country, but a newly released report from ranked states according to their safety record to determine where the bad drivers live.

 Five factors were considered when determining the rankings; fatalities per million miles traveled, drunken driving, the number of tickets issued, failure to obey traffic signals and carelessness, utilizing data compiled from the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (driving fatalities), the National Motorist’s Association (traffic tickets), and MADD (drunk drivers).

Here is their list of the 10 states with the worst drivers:

#10) South Carolina – Ranked 48th for fatalities and 45th for obeying road signs.

#9) Alabama – 46th for tickets. 42nd for fatalities. 41st for obeying road signs.

#8) Montana – Highest ticket rate in the country. Also ranked 40th for carelessness.

#7) Kentucky – 42nd for carelessness and 48th for drunk driving.

#6) Arizona – Arizona ranked poorly across the board.

#5) Oklahoma – Lots of DUIs, fatal accidents, and traffic tickets.

#4) Florida – Not as many drunk drivers… But Florida has more tickets than any other state.

#3) Texas – Texas ranked pretty poor in all categories.

#2) Missouri – Ranked in the bottom 10 for carelessness and DUIs.

#1) Louisiana – In the bottom 10 in all categories except failure to obey signs.

The safest driving state was Rhode Island, followed by Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Hampshire.