ADECA – Alabama Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs, Traffic Safety Division.  Data Collection Programs:   the State Highway Data Improvement Incentive grant program was authorized under the Safe Accountable Flexible Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).  The program is administered by NHTSA at the federal level and by Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety Division of ADECA in Alabama. The program’s purpose is improving the State’s data collection with relation to traffic citations, driver’s history, statewide traffic analysis, court adjudication, EMS, and criminal history.  The objective is conducting research and developing a system for statewide use allowing for the collection of data relating to driver licenses, driver history, traffic citations, traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities, into one unified system.  Those eligible are State Govt. for research and development of a unified records system.

Highway Safety Grant Program, ADECA:  the Highway Safety Grant Program is jointly administered by NHTSA and FHWA at the federal level, and in Alabama by the Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety Division of ADECA. Funds are provided for alcohol education, police traffic services, education, forensic sciences, education on seat belts and child seats, EMS, safe community programs, and public health initiatives.  Objectives include reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities, increasing the awareness of traffic  safety initiatives and the laws across the state through education and enforcement.  Those eligible are the AL Dept. of Public Safety, and Regional Highway Safety Offices.  Eligible activities include student education, traffic safety measures for law enforcement, police officer training, school bus safety, EMT training and equipment, judicial training, alcohol breath testing equipment, EMS data gathering, public service announcements, and increasing the use of child seat belts.

Contact:  Terry Henderson, Law Enforcement & Traffic Safety Division, ADECA, P. O. Box 5690, Montgomery, AL  36120-5690, 334-353-4811.  See ADECA’s website for further information.