Cpl. David Brown served 19 years with the Montgomery Police Department before a horrific accident forced him into early retirement.  While leading a funeral procession, one of the cars in the procession pulled out, making a U-turn, and hit the officer head-on throwing him from his motorcycle.  The motorcycle then caught fire.  Add to his injuries, the ambulance flipped over on the way to the hospital. 

David spent five months in recovery in Atlanta before being able to return home.  There are multiple articles online about his accident, injuries (he lost an arm and leg), his difficult recovery, and his homecoming for anyone who wants to know more. 

Upon speaking with his mother, I asked what Dixie ABATE could do to help David and his family, and she simply asked for prayers.  She was genuinely thankful that people were thinking of David and his family.   

Dixie ABATE members have banded together in support of the officer, and have offered carpentry and plumbing work at no charge in order to make the Browns’ bathroom wheelchair accessible for him.  I’ve often been amazed at one biker’s willingness to help another, but the generosity shown in helping this family has gone beyond stopping and offering a stranded rider assistance getting his bike going again. 

Monetary donations may be sent to Dixie ABATE’s treasurer, Kris Cook, at 612 32nd St., South, Suite 206, Birmingham, AL  35233, or may be made in person during our Ride to the Capitol in Montgomery on April 28th.  See www.dixieabate.org for details on the ride. All riders are welcome.

The builder, Skip Jones of Prattville, AL, has also volunteered his labor and was very agreeable when I asked if he minded if I lined up volunteer labor and sent out requests for donations of the necessary building materials.

The Montgomery area Home Builders Association agreed to forward a letter to their members from me telling them about the accident, the need for the planned bath remodel, and asking them for volunteer labor and building materials.  That email brought in calls and emails from caring MHBA members who were willing to donate materials for this project. 

I want to thank everyone who has so generously offered labor, materials, and prayers for this family.   I’ve been overwhelmed at the positive response, and want you all to know that you are appreciated and that you’ve done a wonderful thing for this family. 

I hope everyone who reads this list will visit these fine merchants when shopping for DIY supplies. 


Skip Jones, JDJ Builders:  volunteered his services

James Borders, ABATE, Birmingham, plumbing labor

Michael Bailey, ABATE, and fellow members of the Iron Angels, MC: carpentry labor

Southern Pipe and Supply, Bart Brown mgr.:  toilet, shower valve, and hand-held shower unit

Sherwin Williams, Prattville, John Worthy, mgr.:  paint

Sherwin Williams, Montgomery, Jim Guthrie, regl. mgr.:  flooring

Ace Supply, Montgomery, Julie Hayes, VP:  insulation and drywall

Inline Electric, Montgomery, Rebecca Williams:  light fixtures

Bama Sash and Door, Travis, mgr.:  interior door

Brass Hardware, Montgomery, Randy Merijanian:  door hinges and hardware

Tile Redi, Farrell Gerber:  barrier-free shower pan