Dixie ABATE met with various members of the Alabama House of Representatives and Senate on March 8, 2012, to establish a rapport with the legislators and to discuss ways of improving the safety of today’s riders.  We split into two groups, one group going to the Senate, and the other going to the House so that we could speak with as many members as possible in the short time before the day’s legislative session started at 10:00. 

We were able to meet with Sen. Dick Brewbaker, Rep. Kurt Wallace, and a few others, and gave hand-outs outlining Dixie ABATE’s most critical issues to all of the Senators and most of the Representatives. 

Two of the Representatives who were out and returned to find our hand-out on their desks called to pledge support after we left the State House.  They were Rep. Barry Mask and Rep. Paul Beckman. 

Rep. Kurt Wallace has ridden for some 40 years, and as a teenager lost a cousin who was killed while riding when he was struck by a car so he realizes the importance of making Alabama’s roads safer for motorcyclists and has agreed to speak during our “Ride to the Capitol” on April 28th

Rep. Paul DeMarco has expressed support for Dixie ABATE although he was unavailable to speak with us during our visit. 

 The issues Dixie ABATE promotes include:

*Education of the driving public to make them understand that they will not see us if they are not actively looking for us. 

*Rider education.  Instead of “safer” crashes, our goal is NO crashes.  We work to eliminate impaired riding.

*Stiffer penalties for motorists who violate a rider’s ROW resulting in a crash.

*The “Dead Red” law.

*HB238/SB176, Increasing the distance protesters have to stay away from a funeral.

*The recognition of May as Motorcycle Safety Month

*Removing the motorcycle endorsement from the license of non-riders.

*Requiring new riders to pass a safety class or skills test before obtaining a motorcycle endorsement.

We oppose:

*Motorcycle-only checkpoints.

*Accident or sickness insurance exclusion of benefits for motorcycle accidents.

*Any increase in the ethanol content of fuel at the pump.

For more information see www.DixieABATE.org.