HB 157:  See synopsis below.   Current status:  Read 2nd time in House of Origin, last action dated 2-16-12.  Pending 3rd readont on Day 6 favorable from Public Safety and Homeland Security.  To see the full bill, go to:  http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/acas/ACASLoginie.asp

Similar bill, SB 261, has also been read the 2nd time in House of origin, last action dated 3-1-12.  To see the full bill:  http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/acas/ACASLoginie.asp

  Under existing law, a person age 16 or older may operate a motorcycle and a person age 14 or older may operate a motor-driven cycle. A motor-driven cycle is defined as a motorcycle which is smaller in weight and power.
  The Department of Public Safety issues Class M motorcycle licenses and Class M motorcycle licenses restricted to the operation of a motor-driven cycle and issues Class M motorcycle endorsements on driver’s licenses for the operation of motorcycles.
  This bill would require a person who on the effective date of the act does not have a Class M motorcycle license or endorsement on his or her license to take and pass a motorcycle knowledge test given by the Department of Public Safety in order to have a motorcycle endorsement displayed on his or her driver’s license or to obtain a Class M motorcycle license, including a Class M motorcycle license restricted to a motor-driven cycle.
  The bill would also provide that the provisions of the graduated driver’s license law restricting the operation of a motor vehicle by a person age 16 or 17 and its provision for exceptions and suspensions of licenses would under certain conditions apply to persons under age 18 operating a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle.