For New York, apply [for a motorcycle license] to the Secretary of State, Albany, N. Y., or to the Bureau of Motor Vehicle Licenses, Secretary of State’s office, 227 West 74th street, New York City.  For Pennsylvania, apply to the State Highway Department, Harrisburg, Pa.  For Delaware, Secretary of State, at Dover.  Apply to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, Baltimore, for Maryland.

In Connecticut, write the Secretary of State, Hartford, and in Maine, the corresponding official at Augusta.  For New Hampshire, address the Secretary of State at Concord.  Communicate with the Automobile Department of the Massachusetts highway Commission, Boston, for Massachusetts.  For Rhode Island, write the Automobile Department, State Board of Public Roads at Providence.  The Secretary of State, Essex Junction, should be applied to for Vermont licenses, etc.  – Motorcycle Illustrated.  Jan. 4, 1917.