“…Also innovative insofar as the motorcycle field is concerned is the Thor school for motorcycle “chauffeurs” which the Aurora Automatic Machinery Co. has inaugurated.  Realizing that the commercial motorcycle never can come into its own until the problem of supplying competent help to man the motorcycles that are used for delivery and other similar work has been solved, the Thor folk have seized the bull by the horns, so to speak, and opened a school for coaching riders in the operation and care of the motorcycle.” 

 Sales manager, C. B. O’Hare, further stated that when companies sold adding machines and typewriters they developed the talent to operate them after they were placed in the hands of the consumers, and with the Thor factory situated in Chicago where so many motorcycles were used for commercial purposes he thought rider training a logical step toward efficiency. 


“Dealers throughout the country who are up against the motorcycle chauffer proposition in landing a commercial sale regardless of what make of motorcycle they sell are at liberty and are most heartily invited to correspond with us when in the market for a dependable motorcycle chauffeur.  We believe that a man trained in a motorcycle factory to the economical use of the two-wheeler will not only fill the wants of the motorcycle consumer but will act as favorable representative at all times in the commercial field.  It is this faith and good will that we are in such great need of at this time and the outlook for commercial business is so good that the average young man appreciates the opportunity and readily takes to the new field of endeavor”.  – Motorcycle Illustrated.  Jan. 4, 1917.