When a friend referred me to the newsclip for Nissan’s Juke automobile, I honestly thought it was a joke.  It was in such poor taste I could not believe any reputable company would be so callous and irresponsible as to make a video/mercial showing someone in an automobile deliberately trying to run down motorcyclists, but apparently it was quite a real commercial.

When I searched snopes.com expecting to find out this was someone’s sick sense of humor at play and not an actual car commercial I found nothing.  Snopes is a site dedicated to exposing false information circulated on the internet. 

The comments found on Asphalt and Rubber echo those posted on the J&P Cycles website.  http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/nissan-responds-juke-commercial-controversy/

They report on the controversial commercial and included a letter from a Nissan exec claiming that due to the controversy the commercial created they do not plan to it in the U.S.  It has apparently been aired in Canada for some 12 months. 

We’ve “inspected” the back quarter panel of a Tahoe up close and personal and sent Martin’s beloved yellow Victory to Bike Heaven after the jerk driving it ran a red light and turned left across two lanes of on-coming traffic.  I fail to see how anyone could be entertained by a commercial showing a driver attempting to take out a motorcycle, or who would be willing to purchase a Nissan automobile after seeing it. 

Nissan should be forced to pay for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness messages to air throughout the U.S. and Canada as restitution to the motorcycling community in much the same way as the R. J. Reynolds Co. was forced to pay for commercials showing the effects of smoking. 

I’m not sure what my next automobile will be, but I certainly know what it won’t be.  Ride Safe.