Some attitudes toward motorcycles and motorcyclists haven’t changed a lot in our great state over the past 100 years.  I hope by another 100 years riding conditions will be so much improved that riders will be astonished to read accounts like the one I’m about to present for your curiosity and reading pleasure.  The notice appeared in American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist in 1911.

Mobile Club Officers.  Officers were elected by the Mobile, Ala., M. C., at its third annual meeting held recently, as follows:  T. B. Williamson, President;  Claude Johnson, Vi ce President;  Zack Agee, Secretary;  L. Rubel, Treasurer;  F. R. Peterson, Captain;  Claude Johnson, First Lieutenant;  Rug Morse, second lieutenant.  The county is planning a $3 license scheme, and the city of Mobile is already collecting $2 per rider.  The Mobile M. C. has prepared a protest and will endeavor to have the license plan blocked.  Southern authorities do not take too kindly to the motorcycle, and Alabama is no exception.