The Motor Maids are the oldest female motorcycle club in North America, however, there are non-female clubs that are older.  The Yonkers Motorcycle Club holds the distinction of being the oldest in continuous operation.  I am not personally familiar with the members or the club but found it interesting when they came up on an internet search.  This information and more can be found on their website.  I bet they didn’t have that when the club was chartered in 1903!

A bicyclist, George Eller, formed a club for friends who also rode bicycles during the latter part of the 1800’s and in 1903 the club changed its focus to motorcycles and renamed the club the Yonkers Motorcycle Club.  It was a natural transition and  bicyclists everywhere showed much the same enthusiasm for the new motorized bikes. 

Members served as Civil Defense messengers in the City of Yonkers during WWII.  Their activities today seem to be similar to most clubs with poker runs, toys for tots programs, etc. 

Because they’ve kept records of their activities since their organization in 1903 they are able to satisfy to anyone’s satisfaction that they are indeed the oldest club in America.