ALLSTATE MOTORCYCLE: 2012 Rally Highlights

Allstate has an online newsletter for riders,, which reviews products such as gloves or the pros and cons of leather vs. fabric jackets, provides quizzes to test your trivia knowledge, highlights rallies they’ve participated in, offers tips from J&P Cycles, and there’s even a chance to win an Arlen Ness Victory.

Don’t forget – if you have Allstate motorcycle insurance and belong to groups such as HOG, Gold Wing riders, etc. you qualify for a discount on your bike insurance. Insure two bikes and you also get a multi-bike discount. Had a safety course? There’s a discount for that. They even offer a multi-policy discount – insure your house or auto and get a discount when you insure your bike. These discounts can add up to substantial savings. For more information, use the search feature on this blog and read my previous post.

Summer is coming, ride safe, and enjoy the road. – V.