I’m a historian and writer first, a rider second, so I admit when I was invited to join the Motor Maids it was the history of being part of the first women’s riding club that made me accept. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding, but I never tire of researching a thing as long as there’s information to be found. Pull up a chair and see if the following account doesn’t pique your curiosity, at least just a little.

I enjoy riding in cooler weather. I live in the Deep South where summers can be blistering hot and July and August are usually down times for me while January may see me out and about. For many, however, winter is down time, and for these Motor Maids January 1959 was just that.

“Right now there seems to be a slack season for motorcycle events. Therefore, we have the close of several district activity contests to report. Colorado State Director Millie King sends the results of their 1958 contest. Janice Pittman, Denver, was first with “Charlie” Enfield and La Vange Frazier tied for second place. They held a ‘Yuletide’ party, at which time awards were presented to the winners. Plans were also made for some Motor Maid activity during Colorado’s ‘Rush to the Rockies’ celebration, commemorating Colorado’s Centennial Birthday. The Committee has already invited the Motor Maids to participate in these outstanding events throughout the coming year. The Colorado girls held a ‘Hulu Hoop’ contest at one of their previous meetings and just everyone ‘flunked’ except La Vange, who managed a couple of go-rounds before letting the hoop hit the floor. To make the rest of the girls feel there was something definitely missing in their physical structure, Cathy Fox’s little daughter demonstrated the art of ‘Hulu Hoping’ by hooping an unlimited time with nary a miss. It looks so easy!

Millie and Janice braved 25 degree weather to shop in Denver. They rode their cycles to the city and didn’t see another cyclist except red-faced motorcycle patrolmen. Brrrrr. Cold weather doesn’t stop MM Mary Sheaffer, Buffalo, N.Y. She has a job delivering packages and rides a three-wheeler at work every day, rain, snow, and sleet. Besides that, she rides her own motorcycle to work. Mary rated a fine write-up in the Buffalo newspaper recently and managed to give the Motor Maids of America a fine compliment during the interview.

Glad to report the broken pins of Susie McCreary and Margaret Wilson are improving and both will be back in the saddle before too long…

As usual for this time of year, Evelyn has been busy with the muddy and snowy runs. She rides all the local events. Mostly she is the sole female rider but she rides anyway. Some day she hopes to ride the big Jack Pine enduro, but since her club is one of the sponsoring clubs it has always been necessary for Evelyn to act as a checker. In the 1958 Jack Pine, Evelyn and her husband handled eight checks on the run.

MM President Dot Robinson has been visiting around the country via motorcycle. She has been to Shreveport for a visit with Vice President Pat Boatright. MM Treasurer Nickie Hero and Florida State Director, Nancy Henson rode over from Pensacola, Fla., and the four of them had a real nice gab-session. A week or so later Dot dropped in on Minnesota State Director, Kathy Anderson in Bloomington, Minn. This was an excuse for another Motor Maid party.

MM Irene Smith and family of Tulsa, Okla., home from a trip to Florida. They had a fine visit with Nickie Hero and family and attended the Northern Florida rally. Irene is the proud owner of a new BMW motorcycle.

There’s a new all girl’s club formed in Phoenix, Ariz. Name of the new club is the ‘Polka Dots’. MM Pat Imes is in charge of the group and she says they have already had several events with more planned.

The Motor Maid officer’s meeting will be held in Memphis, Tenn., sometime this month. This is the meeting where all the officers work on the mailing list of MMs and where State Directors are decided upon for the coming year. Biggest job is the sorting of names and addresses which change at a very rapid rate. I’m looking forward to seeing fellow officers, Pat Boatright, Nicki Hero, Dot Robinson, Mary Cutright, Butch Widman and the three Advisory editors, Margaret Yoke, Lillian DeVore, and Mabel Hutchinson. If we all are able to attend, we should be able to get the work out in short order.

There was a Powder Puff endure held in Ludlow, Mass., recently. Leslie Pink was winner, Marlene Wolf, second and Thresa Haggett, third.

The Metropolitan Chapter of Motor Maids held their annual Christmas party in December. The affair was held at the home of MM Johnnie Pantanelli.

There will certainly have to be a chapter in the Motor Maids for grandmothers. Two St. Joseph, Mo., Motor Maids have their applications in for membership into the chapter in the spring. MMs Frances Boy and Juanita Walker are eagerly looking forward to the months of May and June (dates picked by the Stork to make grandmas of these two.) Already a qualified member is MM Mary Heard of Peterboro, Ont., Canada. Mary’s daughter, MM Pauline Carl presented her husband with a baby boy, named Howard Graham. Congratulations to all and especially to Grandma Mary!

Brad Edward arrived at the home of MM Bev Tibbets and husband, Dick. This new arrival was named for their favorite competition motorcycle rider. I’ll betcha!

The cold weather did not keep five Motor Maids in Missouri from riding the parade preceding the Mineral Bowl football game in Excelsior Springs, Mo. Several of the Missouri girls rode the turkey run in St. Joseph, Mo., in November. Winner in the lady operator class was MM Frances Boy. Your reporter (got lost, you know) was second.

See you next month.” – Source: American Motorcycling. January 1959.