Yesterday I posted about some kids riding an off-road ATV through the streets all afternoon with no questions asked by local police officers. Last night a small dirt bike rode through an intersection and crashed broad-sided into a Montgomery police cruiser. This is the second incidence of an off-road vehicle being ridden on city/town streets in three days – that I know of. The rider of the bike was sent to a local hospital.

It’s not rocket science – dirt bikes and ATV’s are for dirt tracks and off-road riding. They’re not equipped for street riding.

I remember when driving illegally netted you a traffic citation, and enough citations resulted in loss of license. I guess those days are long gone. Not a lot seems to draw the attention of officers these days. I ran out of gas leaving down-town Montgomery a while back, coasted off the main street onto a side street and the car stopped near a median, pretty much blocking one lane, and refused to go any further. As I sat there, obviously in an area where no one should be parked I counted eight police cruisers pass me without lifting an eyebrow. So much for protect and serve.

Ride safe.