Today’s Motor Maids history lesson is on Butch Widman who served as Secretary in 1955. Her boyfriend, who was later her husband, was serving during WWII and had asked her to take care of his bike while he was gone. Instead of just starting the bike twice weekly to keep it in running order, she climbed on and rode with the members of his club. She sold the bike in 1944 because there was no end to the war in sight and gas was difficult to get.

Two years later she bought her own bike and joined Motor Maids. She finished sixth in the Most Popular Girl Rider Contest in 1953 and won numerous trophies over the years at various events.

In May 1946, the couple rode to San Francisco, taking one bike but sharing the driving. She learned a lesson I’ve had to learn a few times, no matter how sunny it is, take along a jacket – or as she put it “long handles” and a jacket. Had Martin not told me to take a jacket when we rode to Redondo Beach, CA in June, I’d have joined Butch in learning it can be cold riding through the mountains no matter what time of year it is.

The couple ran a motorcycle dealership in St Louis and in their “free” time Earl, Butch, and Ronnie rode competitively. – “American Motorcycling”, April 1955.