We all know it happens. Lawmakers discuss the need for legislation, turn it left, right, and upside down picking it apart then before it gets voted on some Good Ole Boy (or Gal) decides to tack on some issue completely unrelated to the bill being discussed/voted on.

That is exactly what happened in North Carolina. A, “two paragraph”, bill on motorcycle safety was interspliced with four pages of restrictions on abortions for the state. Look up “Motorcycle Vagina Bill” if you doubt me. If you can tell me how these two topics have anything in common you’ll be the only person who seems to be able to.

For the simple-minded, adding the abortion rider to that bill means that if a legislator chose to vote in support of motorcycle safety, he or she would also be inadvertently voting in support of restrictions on abortion.

I personally have no objections to a bill that would limit abortions to only cases in which carrying a child would significantly risk the life of the mother, but shoving those restrictions in the middle of a totally unrelated bill is not the way to accomplish that. Getting legislation passed which will increase the safety of riders is difficult enough without attaching a well-known controversial topic to the proposal. How underhanded can you get? A legislator who would vote in support of rider safety might well vote against it just to keep from voting in favor of the unrelated issue.

These sleezy tactics are not rare occurrences, in fact you can just about bet the back 40 that every bill passed in the legislature has some unrelated issue buried deep within the proposal. If they can tack on four pages to a two paragraph bill, just imagine how many totally unrelated issues are added into the so-called Affordable Care Act.