In the June issue of “Motorcycle Illustrated” there appeared a short item in reference to Mrs. H. G. Smith, wife of the president of the Detroit Motorcycle Club, with the statement that she was probably the only woman motorcyclist between New York and San Francisco.  But there are several others.  Mrs. F. H. Williams of Minneapolis has ridden a Wagner for over a year now, and has become expert in its management.  Then from Buffalo, N. Y., word has been received of two nurses—Misses Wardwell and Wenborne—from a Schenectady hospital who passed through that city recently on a trip from their home town en route to Kansas City.  They were muddy and somewhat worn, but had made the run from Lyons to Buffalo, 113 miles in one day.

Mrs. Smith the Detroit rider, has accompanied the Detroit Motorcycle Club on several runs this spring.  She also covered the seventy-nine miles from Detroit to Flint, Mich., in one day.  Forty miles of this route is said to be over the worst roads in the state of Michigan.  Mrs. Smith went through without a mishap, stayed with friends at Flint, and returned two days later over a different route.  She rides an M. M., and as she weighs only 130 pounds herself, she can travel just about as fast as any member of the club.  From other parts of the country, we have had information of the constant use of motorcycles by lady riders, and it is pleasing to know that the softer sex are taking up this sport.  They are sure to give it an impetus that would otherwise be lacking. – “Motorcycle Illustrated”.  Aug. 1, 1908.