Chapter meeting Oct. 15, 2017, at Indian Motorcycle of Birmingham, aka Big Number One Powersports.  This is a great bunch of riders who really enjoy the ride. Look at that lineup of Indians!!!  After a meeting to elect officers, Wayne Nero led the group on a scenic ride through old town Helena and on to lunch in Pelham.



(Wayne says, “It only took this much!” to be able to change from one back rest to another according to what their needs are on any particular day”.)

Blake Howard describes the affliction of owning a new Indian and still feeling an overpowering urge to inspect spit-polished showroom models or fellow riders’ bikes for any customization as “shineyitis”, pronounced Shiney-I-tis, and I believe the chapter members are severely afflicted.


(Blake, left, explaining to Dobbie the malady of shineyitis and how it can be controlled by regularly adding shiney custom details to our bikes.)

The Coosa Riders Chapter of IMRG (Indian Motorcycle Riders Group) displayed their bikes at the Polaris factory in Huntsville, AL during the Trail of Tears Ride in September.

New models of Polaris products are displayed in the showroom and everyone present made at least two complete laps through the showroom to take it all in.   Polaris is making a new military vehicle which really caught my eye.  If I were rolling in cash and couldn’t find a way to spend it, I believe I’d have a blast out in the field with one of these.



Ride safe and above all, HAVE FUN!