Thistle Dew Books & Emporium


It can be terribly hard to find someone who can tweak clothing and leathers so we have decided to use our talents to provide services for other riders. We sew patches on leather goods and do simple repairs, tailoring, and alterations. We will be happy to discuss setting up at biker events.

Thistle Dew Books was granted a Trademark on the business name in 1995. In 2013 the business was expanded in order to offer additional services for riding enthusiasts under the name Thistle Dew Books & Emporium.

Vickie has written several books and magazine articles, has appeared on national television doing live cooking demonstrations, and offers classes on various aspects of self-sufficiency. Note: We barter!

Please contact us for further information at

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3 thoughts on “Thistle Dew Books & Emporium”

  1. This is K . Peddlar Bridges aka The Roadpoet .. I am in the process of writing a Book and I would like to contact Vrumbles blog on Avis and Effie Hotchkiss … My email is … Hope to here back asp on this … thanks and Best …. Peddlar.

    • thehistoricfoodie said:

      The info. on the Hotchkiss ladies is in public domain. Thank you for contacting me. Best wishes with your book

      • Sorry I did find this till right now? Thanks and best … we gave you a works sited on the info … Keep up the great work … Peddlar

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