We’ve all encountered items in the roadway which can pose a threat to vehicles, but when you ride a bike you notice them more – even when you’re not on the bike.  Aside from the standard tire tread and road kill, I’d like to hear what items readers have encountered on our highways and byways.  Please leave a comment with your observations and let’s see what’s out there.

In my daily commute I’ve encountered some substantial obstacles, and I think it says a lot about our society as a whole that someone would lose items in the road and not stop to clear away the debris.  Not properly securing cargo shows a pronounced ignorance and disrespect for other drivers and leaving it in the road once it’s dislodged itself should earn the driver a heavy fine. 

I’ve seen a huge, old boxy television which fell off the back of a pick-up truck; an upright vacuum cleaner; I constantly see shoes in the road; trash where someone let a bag of garbage blow out of the back of their truck and scatter all over the road, a set of hand-trucks that fell off the back of a coca cola truck, hubcaps, lumber, an over-turned 18-wheeler full of M&M’s (boxes, bags, and spilled candy all over the interstate), full pieces of vinyl siding that fell off a truck on a small hill, tail lights and other pieces from autos that crashed and wasn’t cleaned up properly, and I’m sure there are lots of other things that slip my mind at present.

We’ve recently had two encounters with mattresses.  We were behind a pickup traveling one of the major streets in Montgomery with a woman in the bed of the pickup trying to hold a mattress.  She was sitting on the ledge where the bed of the truck met the cab, trying to hold the mattress  upright on its side with no tie-downs at all.  We expected the mattress to go sailing out of the truck any minute with her on top like riding a flying carpet.

I was behind another pickup with a box springs and mattress stacked on top of the cab with only one tie-down in the middle.  The bungee was hooked in the window openings of both doors, and stretched over the mattress.  The wind caught the mattress and folded it backward, and he’d been on the road long enough that the other end of the mattress was quickly working its way out from under the single bungee cord.  The whole thing was minutes away from sailing off the cab of the truck.